Master Your Podcast Interviewing Skills

With me on this episode is Mark Nuce, a broadcast veteran of 30+ years. He is the news and public affairs director at North American Broadcasting, Incorporated in Columbus Ohio.

We're going to talk about how to develop your podcast interviewing skills that will:

1) Make you a better podcast host.

2) Develop more insightful conversations with your guests.

3) Make your podcast stand out and get more shares and reviews and probably bring a ton of value to your listeners as well.


master your podcast interviewing skills

The four key areas to master podcast interviewing we are going to cover include:
1) homework and research
2) planning
3) listening
4) flexibility

Recorded in Studio C at the 511 Studios in the Brewery District, downtown Columbus, OH.

Brett Johnson is the owner and lead consultant at Circle270Media Podcast Consultants. The podcast consultants at Circle270Media have over 30+ years of experience in Marketing, Content Creation, Audio Production/Recording, and Broadcasting. We strategically bring these worlds together with Podcasting.

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